LINC Buenos Aires | Student Blog

I can’t believe it’s already been a week and a half since we’ve all come back from Buenos Aires. It seems like the trip was just yesterday, and the trip just flew by too fast! While I wished we had another day to rest and explore the city a little more, I’m still really happy to have made good memories of all places I went to and all the lovely people I met while in country.

I definitely also learned a lot about Argentina and how business works on a global scale especially in South America where economics and politics gets tricky. The people I met along with the wondrous sights and delicious foods will definitely stay with me for a long time along with these awesome tokens/souvenirs I bought from the Recoleta fair on Sunday (a visit everyone should make because all the products are made by local artisans!)


(recap of my last day in Argentina :))

-Cindy Lum